10 Best Handyman Podcasts for Pros and Side Hustlers

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As a handyman, you have to be knowledgeable about a wide variety of trades, including electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and drywall. It’s hard keeping up with all the latest techniques and best practices. However, by listening to the 10 best handyman podcasts, you can increase your earning potential by staying informed. This guide will tell you which handyman podcast is best for you to listen to.

1. Handyman Pros Radio Show

Larry and John, two handymen, talk about how you can save money, time, and irritation on home maintenance, repairs, and improvement. While they offer DIY help for homeowners, their content is also highly relevant for both professional handymen and people working a side hustle as a handyman.

Recent episodes include: “Cover Plate Numbering,” “10 Renovation Trends,” “Leave Behinds,” “Coping with Rising Material Prices,” “Premature Pressure Treated Failure,” and “Cause and Effect: Looking Deeper.”

2. You Can, Man

This handyman podcast ran weekly from April 2019 through December 2021. Josh, Dave, and Tim shared a love for all things DIY and offered practical advice for entrepreneurial handymen. Their belief was that taking on DIY projects around the house built confidence and led to more success in life. However, they also admitted that sometimes, it’s necessary to call in a pro.

Episodes include: “Burning the Ships — A Startup Journey Two Years In,” “What You Should Know About Lumber (and current pricing),” “Main Sewer Line Problems,” “Are You Prepared for a Power Outage,” and “Before You Call an Electrician, Listen to This.”

3. Fix It 101 Podcast

The Fix It 101 Podcast is designed to help homeowners figure out whether they can fix day-to-day issues around the house, or if they need to call in a handyman. You can learn more about how to fix a broad variety of household problems to increase your knowledge and marketability as a handyman.

Recent episodes include: “Shane The Homebuilder (dot) Com,” “Mowing Season,” “Cleaning Registers,” “Kitchen Time,” “Moving House,” “Solar Homes,” “Dial 811,” “Storm Days,” “Make It Work,” “Wood Rot Hurts,” and “Shellac Tales.”

4. The Handyman Radio Show

In this handyman podcast, host Buddy Slowik offers advice for newbies to the handyman world as well as seasoned veterans in the field. He infuses his information with humor, making this one of the most entertaining professional handyman podcasts on this list. He talks about everything from odd jobs to full construction and from minor home repairs to complete build-outs.

Recent episodes are dated and air every week on Super Talk Mississippi Media talk radio on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

5. The Handyman Podcast

This show is about the construction industry. A professional handyman shares his knowledge and insights about home renovations. He shares tricks and tips for all facets of construction in this short-lived but information-packed podcast.

Episodes include: “Chit Chat in the Garage,” “The Handyman Podcast the Lunch Break,” “The Handyman Podcast the Home Depot Parking Lot,” “The Handyman Podcast #10 Asbestos This and That Rent To Own,” and “The Handyman Podcast #7 Advertising.”

6. The Handyman Business Coach Podcast

This handyman podcast is hosted by Rick E. Patterson, who is currently the CEO of the largest handyman business in Georgia. His goal is to teach other handymen how to work smarter, with more profitable results. He claims to have helped handymen double, triple, or increase their earnings 10 times over. There are only 11 episodes, but they are chock full of helpful info.

Episodes include: “The Handyman Business Coach With Returning Guest Alan Stephenson From 911 Handyman LLC,” “The Handyman Business Coach With Return Guest Rob Baugher From RemodelitConsulting,” and “The Handyman Business Coach Podcast With Return Guest Corey Gulick”

7. The Handyman Success Podcast

In this new handyman podcast, the hosts interview successful handymen and home improvement professionals to teach and inspire other handymen to start a side hustle or launch a full-blown handyman business. The hosts guarantee that you will learn and be inspired.

Recent episodes include: “Episode 11: Charlie Engen, Red Level Improvements,” “Episode 10: Ben Alexander, Hank’s Handyman,” “Episode 9: Keith Donahue, Doctor Fix-It,” “Episode #8: Allen Lee, Honest Lee Handyman Services,” and “Episode 7: Eric Beuhner, Derby City Services.”

8. 10X Handyman

This handyman podcast hosted by Chip and Christy talks about the ups and downs of the handyman business. They also address how to be successful in your handyman business. Christy and Chip bring fun and innovation to the industry and help listeners grow their businesses to where they want to be.

Recent episodes include: “How to Start Your Handyman Business in Just 10 Minutes?” “Do You Want an Additional $146,250 in Revenue in Your Handyman Biz this Year?” “How to 10X A Handyman Business Fast?” “3 Tips for Handyman Owners Hiring Handy Techs in 2022!” and “How to Hire Handyman Techs & 10X Your Handyman Business!”

9. Blue Collar Proud Show

This now-defunct podcast has over 150 episodes you can learn from. Carter Harkins and Taylor Hill hosted the show, interviewing authors, coaches, speakers, and businessmen who want to improve the world by supporting blue-collar workers. This is one of the most informative podcasts on this list.

Episodes include: “Using Industry Jargon With Customers,” “Responding Quickly to Customers,” “People Skills for Technicians,” “Make Time To Grow Your Business,” “Customer for Life,” “Menu Pricing for Home Services,” and “The Value of Trying New Things in Your Business.”

10. The Handyman Hotline’s Podcast

While this podcast is designed for homeowners to call in for help with issues they’re having around the house, it can also be valuable for the professional handyman. Not only can you hear experts in the field offering advice to homeowners, but you can also learn the words your potential customers are using to describe their problems — which is invaluable for marketing your business.

This weekly podcast that began in May 2017 dates its episodes, rather than giving them names. With over 220 episodes to listen to, you’re sure to find wisdom and marketing tidbits to grow your business.

Give each of these podcasts a listen, at least for a few episodes. We’re sure you’ll find at least one that really resonates with you, educates you, and inspires you as you build your own handyman business.

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